Upgrade with OneUp™

OneUp™ makes it easy to request a cabin class upgrade when you're booked on an Air New Zealand ticketed and operated international flight.

Easy ways to make an offer

Payment options

  • Airpoints Dollars™: If you're paying with Airpoints Dollars, any applicable taxes, levies or surcharges must be paid in cash. You can use a credit card or debit card for this
  • Credit card or debit card: The cost of your upgrade will be converted into local area currency

Elite, Gold and Silver Airpoints™ members

To recognise your status, we'll upweight your OneUp offer by the following amount:

  • Elite - 50%
  • Gold - 30%
  • Silver - 10%

You may not combine Recognition Upgrades or Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades with a OneUp Upgrade to move multiple cabin classes for any single sector of your flight.

Frequently asked questions

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