The ultimate inflight comfort, food and entertainment.

With businesspremier™, we've thought of everything. Your experience starts with premium check-in, extra baggage allowance (three 23kg checked-in and two 7kg carry-on), lounge access and priority boarding. On board you'll relax in a leather armchair. Your meal is accompanied by premium New Zealand wines. You'll also enjoy full access to inflight movies, TV, music and games.

businesspremier fare is only available on Air New Zealand operated flights.

More about this fare:

  • businesspremier is available on Boeing 777 and 787-9 aircraft for travel between New Zealand, Australia and the Islands
  • At the time of booking, you can request your seat to make sure you get the perfect spot
  • On the day of travel you'll enjoy premium check-in and priority boarding
  • You can take three priority checked-in bags of up to 23kg each and two carry-on bags of up to 7kg each
  • You'll receive lounge access when departing from airports where there is an Air New Zealand branded and operated lounge

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