No. If you pay Air New Zealand outside of the SOFORT Banking process, we will not know to create a booking for you. The SOFORT Banking payment process is connected with the booking process, so if your payment is separate from the booking process, a booking will not be created.

If you’re having trouble paying with SOFORT Banking, please give us a call.

SOFORT Banking is a real-time online banking payment service available to customers who have a bank account in Germany, Austria, Belgium or the Netherlands.

The key benefit of SOFORT Banking compared to normal credit transfer is the instant confirmation of the order sent to the merchant allowing an instant delivery of services.

No. You simply need an online bank account and online banking information (e.g. PIN and TAN).

Anyone who has a bank account registered in Germany, Austria, Belgium or the Netherlands and whose online banking is supported by SOFORT will be able to book fares online using SOFORT.

No. There are no costs to the customer for purchases made using SOFORT Banking.

Payment using SOFORT Banking is not available to customers within seven days of travel. This is due to the settlement and reconciliation period required to manage internet bookings.

Yes. SOFORT Banking is one of the safest payment methods on the internet and since its launch has securely processed many millions of transactions, with not one online banking information fraud case arising.  

No, payment using SOFORT Banking cannot be mixed with credit card or debit card payment in the same booking. If you are booking for two or more adults and want to mix these types of payment, make separate bookings then request your seats online if you wish to be seated together.

No, at no time are your personal banking details disclosed to Air New Zealand or SOFORT Banking.

The SOFORT Banking reference number will be shown on the Booking Confirmation page at the end of your flight booking. 

No, the amount you can pay using internet banking SOFORT Banking must be within your bank's daily limit.

Yes, providing this is permitted in the fare rules. However, cancellations cannot be made online. To cancel a booking, you can call one of our Contact Centres.

Yes. The maximum limit for a booking is €10,000. For bookings that are greater than €10,000 a credit card will be required for payment.