Information about SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is a real-time online payment option you can use to safely pay for your flights directly from your bank account.

Real-time online banking is a great payment option if you do not have a credit card, or would prefer not to add to your credit card balance. When you pay using SOFORT Banking, the transaction is completed within the security of your bank's online banking service and at no time are your personal banking details disclosed to Air New Zealand or SOFORT Banking.

It's quick and easy

Simply select to pay by online banking on the Purchase Tickets page.

Choose your country of residence from the drop down list. Once selected a SOFORT Banking secure payment page is displayed and this is where you enter a sort code, your bank login details and where payment is then processed. Payment is instantly debited from your bank account and your booking will be confirmed - it's as easy as that.

You can pay with SOFORT Banking for bookings made anytime if your online banking is supported by SOFORT Banking and your bank account is registered in Germany, Austria, Belgium or the Netherlands.

Click here to view a list of supported banks.

Please note that payment using SOFORT Banking is not permitted for travel commencing within seven days of making a booking.

Frequently Asked Questions about SOFORT Banking