OneUp FAQs

Which flights offer OneUp™ upgrades?

What is the baggage allowance with my OneUp™ upgrade?

Does my OneUp™ upgrade ticket have different cancellation or change rules?

How much should I offer for a successful OneUp™ upgrade?

Can I change or cancel my OneUp™ offer?

Can I make a higher offer if my first OneUp™ offer wasn't successful?

I received a OneUp™ upgrade, but my travelling companion on a separate booking didn't. Can you upgrade them too?

Why can't I submit a OneUp™ offer?

Can I make a new OneUp™ upgrade offer even if I cancelled my original offer?

I deleted my OneUp™ email. Can you please re-send it?

What's the deadline for OneUp™ upgrade offers?

When do you charge my credit card, prepaid debit card or debit card or deduct my Airpoints Dollars™ for a OneUp™ upgrade?

What happens to a OneUp™ upgrade if there are multiple passengers in a booking?

How do I gift a OneUp™ upgrade?

Does my successful OneUp™ upgrade accrue Airpoints Dollars™ and Status Points?

Can I change the payment method for my OneUp™ upgrade offer?

Can I make OneUp™ offers when I'm travelling with children?

Can I use Seat Select after my OneUp™ offer is accepted?

Can I make a Recognition Upgrade and OneUp™ offer on the same flight?

Can I submit a OneUp™ offer if I've already bought Seat Select?

Can I request a Recognition Upgrade for myself and a OneUp™ offer for my companion?