Customer carbon offset programme

Air New Zealand is committed to helping customers minimise the impact of their air travel on the environment.

Use our simple carbon offset calculator to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions from your travel. You can then choose to offset them when you book online.

Introduction to the Air New Zealand customer carbon offset programme

What are carbon emissions and why should I offset them?

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the use of aviation fuel. We refer to them as carbon emissions for ease.

Carbon offsetting involves the purchase and cancellation of carbon offsets from emission reduction projects to enable people to compensate for carbon emissions associated with their travel. Offsetting helps fund emission reduction projects that might not otherwise have occurred, assists organisations and individuals meet their carbon reduction goals, and supports the move to a low carbon economy.

How does it work?

When booking online, the carbon emissions for your flight(s) and the cost to offset them is automatically calculated and displayed. If you decide to offset, the cost of emission units will be added to the total paid for the flight(s).

How are my emissions calculated?

Two key factors are considered - the distance travelled and Air New Zealand specific CO2 emission factors.

The emission factors are based on information collected from the previous financial year of the actual fuel used across our different fleet types and the number of passengers and weight of cargo carried. A factor is also applied based on the class of ticket purchased (as this alters the space and weight allocated to a passenger).

How is the cost of my carbon offsets calculated?

The cost of your carbon offsets represents the price Air New Zealand pays for them from the carbon project developers we chose to work with. The cost of offsets will vary over time, depending upon movements in the carbon market price and the calculator will be adjusted to account for this.

All of your contribution, net of tax, funds the purchase of carbon offsets. Air New Zealand does not take an administrative or other fee.

Is this part of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme?

No. Under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Air New Zealand has an obligation to report the number of greenhouse gas emissions generated from its fuel usage on domestic flights and provide to the government a number of emission reduction units to match that number of emissions (currently the ETS imposes a 67% obligation). This obligation is met entirely by Air New Zealand, not via a separate charge to customers and is separate to Air New Zealand's Customer Carbon Offset Programme.

What does Air New Zealand do with the money paid to offset carbon emissions?

All money, net of tax, contributed by customers to purchase carbon offsets and offset their carbon emissions funds the purchase of carbon offsets. Air New Zealand does not take an administrative or any other fee.

What carbon offsets are Air New Zealand currently purchasing for its carbon offset programme?

We purchase carbon credits from native forest restoration projects located in the Far North, Waikato, Wellington, Marlborough and Canterbury regions in New Zealand. The land and forests associated with these projects are owned and managed by the trusts (such as the Native Forest Restoration Trust or the Maurice White Native Forest Trust), local authorities or private landowners.

A key project for Air New Zealand is Hinewai Reserve (near Akaroa in Banks Peninsula).

Carbon offsets are generated from these projects following qualification through and registration with the New Zealand Government's Permanent Forest Sink Initiative (PFSI). This government-endorsed sustainable forestry programme enables landowners to receive emission reduction units through the creation of permanent forests (where a landowner agrees to restrict forest harvesting via a land covenant). More information on the PFSI is available on the Ministry for Primary Industries' website.

The native forestry projects are both sequestering carbon emissions as well as contributing to New Zealand's biodiversity and enabling community engagement through planting activities coordinated by a native forest restoration trust.

Additional or alternative carbon offset projects may be confirmed from time to time to meet customer demand.

Read more about our carbon management approach.

Refer to our carbon offset terms and conditions for further details.