Bookings FAQs

I'm getting a session timeout. What's happening?

I didn't receive an Electronic Ticket when I made my online booking. What happened?

Can I get a quote for flights via email?

How do I receive confirmation of an online booking?

Which payment methods can I use when booking online?

I don't understand the fare rules, what should I do?

I am worried about making a mistake when I book online - what can I do if this happens?

How do I get the fare I want?

The online booking system will not process my credit/debit card, what should I do?

Can I use Debit Card as a form of payment?

What is an issue number?

Is the card payment fee refunded if I cancel my booking?

When will my online booking payment go through?

How do I reprint my e-ticket?

How can I find my booking reference?

Why does Air New Zealand charge a card payment fee?

Why can't I see the low fares you advertised when I book online?

Can I make an online booking for a large group?

Why do I have to pay a service fee for bookings not made on the website?

What will it cost to change my international flight?

How much will it cost to change my domestic flight?

Can I change or cancel my New Zealand domestic, Tasman or Pacific Island flight?

What happens if I miss my flight?

Will you refund the domestic flight I had to cancel?

How can I avoid paying the card payment fee?

Does Air New Zealand make automated calls?

How do I tell you about my special assistance requirements when I book online?

Can I book travel originating outside UK/Europe?