Booking reference information

Bookings made with Air New Zealand

For bookings made online directly with Air New Zealand or through our Contact Centre, the Booking Reference can be found on your Electronic Ticket Itinerary and Receipt. The Booking Reference will have 6 letters / numbers, ending in the letter H, for example: MFB7EH.

Other Bookings made for travel with Air New Zealand

If your booking was made through another website or travel agent, you may have been provided with an Air New Zealand booking reference. This may be shown as "Airline Ref", Ticket Number or Record Locator. If we are unable to locate your booking from this reference or you are unable to find the reference on the documentation you have been provided, we will ask you for further information to help us locate your booking.

Please note: some bookings cannot be retrieved online. If you have any problems retrieving your booking, please contact us.